Rosland is a perfectionist, she has deep generations of culture with finer yet comfortable dining declarations, a deep family heritage and commitment.  We’re Chef driven, finest culinary and taste profiles, modest pricing, art plating, higher end yet casually elegant, lots of fun and relaxed, real humans, who are a little silly at times, and just a fantastic gathering and comfort environment for all.  Dress up in gowns or down in jeans, doesn’t matter, we’re so happy you’re at Rosland's. 

All steaks are prime and carved in-house, seafood is ocean prime with wild caught items off hooks, not nets. Aquaponics are greens grown in mother earth's water and do not touch the earth's ground or soil. Rosland's greens are pure, super clean, robust taste to her salads, the way God intended. Rosland's prides itself on the finest world available items, modest pricing so you can enjoy more of the menu and hang out longer, high taste profiles, composed plating, all handcrafted by Executive Chefs on site. 

We’re easy like Sunday morning, easy dining, very welcoming, beautiful sounds, here to serve well and know you by name personally.  Fine wines by bottle and glass, fantastic personal service, concierge curbside to-go service carefully packaged, no cost valet parking. 

Rosland loves her art and has huge amounts of local artists displayed on building exterior, patio columns and interiors, even restroom ceilings.  Incredible wood crafted bar, pop out bar booths, broad brands of all liquors, very relaxed comfortable seating in a friendly atmosphere. 

Rosland herself and family are restaurant aficionados, and besides fine culinary, it’s all about service.  Great late-night offerings, kitchen is open till 2am daily and 4am Friday and Saturday as a courtesy to the fine service personnel in the area and late-night guests.

Come one come all.  Rosland's, while polished, is an everyday eatery with fantastic service side table side manners, here to please the greatest demands.  Our servers run smaller stations to accomplish superb service.  Rosland's is yes sir, yes mam service, will do attitude, you want it we give it and with a giant smile, privilege to serve you and a heartfelt thank you so much, see you again real soon (we’ll come get you if you don’t hurry back, ha).

Rosland's are real people just like our guest and expect the very best.  We genuinely, sincerely love our guests, all shapes, sizes, colors, cultures, all humans, and it shows in the creations and culture of everything Rosland's.

Thank you affectionately, eat & drink well here!

- Roslands and her marvelous team